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About Us

The Canadian Pizza Story

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza started its Asian operations in 1995 with one outlet in Singapore. In 1998 Hobbs Holdings Pte Ltd acquired all rights for Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza and started franchise operations. From that point on Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza has continued to grow steadily with a Central Kitchen. Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza currently has 28 delivery outlets islandwide in Singapore and recently opened one more dine-in outlet at Jalan Kayu.

Family, friends and good times have always gone together. And nothing brings people together in quite the same way as sharing a pizza. For over 14 years, Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza has been invited to everyday dinners and special celebrations in Singapore for a simple reason: our great tasting pizzas and food make good times better. In pursuing our mission of "helping make the good times better" Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza have become one of Singapore's largest and most successful pizza delivery brands.

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza in every neighborhood

Proud as we are of our past, we're even more excited about the future. With plans to open stores throughout Asia, many new opportunities are going to be created for companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams with the Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza franchise.

The Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza Head Office is pleased to offer opportunities to grow together with us. Our traditional & meticulous approach to making pizza is a reflection of our organization. Our stores are owned and operated by people living right in the neighborhood they serve. We know our customers and they know us. We continue with this winning formula when selecting Area Franchisees for the different Regions and Countries in Asia. We know that by working closely with our Area Franchisors, we can provide the best in both local and international expertise. It is this partnership that ensures Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza will remain at the forefront of the pizza industry both in Singapore and in Asia.

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